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Be a smart Kintone developer with Kintone UI Component.

It will support your UI customization project.

Use Case

Kintone UI Component allows you to create Kintone-like components easily. This library is useful to build Kintone customization and plug-in.
[ Sample code & the Button Component image ]
button usecase'', event => {
const Kuc = Kucs['1.x.x'];

const header =;

const buttonSubmit = new Kuc.Button({
text: 'Submit',
type: 'submit'
buttonSubmit.addEventListener('click', event => {

const buttonAlert = new Kuc.Button({
text: 'Alert',
type: 'alert'
buttonAlert.addEventListener('click', event => {

Support Policy
You can ask questions and/or submit requests on GitHub Issue.
You are allowed to change the source code, redistribute it, and use it in accordance with the license.
For more details of the license type please refer to the GitHub repository.